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Flowers and vases are made from mild steel and will rust in time unless they are finished. These pieces can be coated with shellac, paint, wax or almost any other coating to prevent rust if the item is to be kept inside.



rose.jpg (94643 bytes)

Flowers are a specialty. Lightly painted, rusted steel provides an attractive, dusky look to these everlasting roses. Approximately 12" from end of stem to bloom. A bracket on the back of the bloom makes it easy to hang these flowers on any wall, creating an attractive Wallflower.

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RoseWall.jpg (19924 bytes)

12 " Wallflower

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LillyHorizontal.jpg (19321 bytes)

24" Lily

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HeartVase.jpg (17111 bytes)

Single Heart Bud Vase, Polished steel with copper accent. Fresh flowers not included.

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StrawBerryVase.jpg (15654 bytes)

Strawberry Single Bud Vase.. fresh flowers not included.

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TripleHeartVase.jpg (32056 bytes)

 Heart Vase for Three Buds... fresh flowers not included.

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